Eco Logical Australia

Be interesting. Be helpful.

Eco Logical Australia (ELA) is a young and highly sought after environmental consultancy with over 150 staff and growing by the day. What sets them apart from their entire industry is their sensational culture and their staff, each one an approachable expert. Tasked with helping raise their national profile, we decided to prove their point of difference using social media. We developed a social media strategy to reach, engage and attract the best clients and staff by unearthing interesting stories and telling them without the jargon. Twitter and LinkedIn were our platforms of choice and to execute the strategy we worked together with staff across the whole business to share incredible people, helpful tips and nationally significant projects in a way that was engaging and down to earth.

Results: we smashed our ambitious targets. In just over 6 months we grew ELA’s twitter followers organically by 243% and increased the number of people viewing ELA’s website news articles by 900%. Through a strategic and targeted approach, we allowed ELA to connect with more than 25,000 people across the science community per month. Engagement also skyrocketed to more than double that prior to the campaign. What’s more by raising the profile of these incredible projects, we also created stronger client relationships in the real world.

Photography: Joel Collins.

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