Best Global brands 2021

Need some inspiration for your 2022 marketing strategy? Here’s a recap of Interbrand’s 2021 Best Global Brands Report to help your brand go big this year. 🧠🧠    
The big are getting bigger. The top three brands account for a third of the total value of the top 100. Huge!    
🍎 Apple is #1 (again) and in the lead by a long shot. Will they ever be beaten? Probably not any time soon. Consistently and living their brand essence of creativity, simplicity and humanity has pushed Apple into the stratosphere.    
👾 For the top five brands it’s all about tech (Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Samsung Electronics). It makes sense. While we #wfh, connect remotely and stream on-demand, we value brands that help us live the new normal. We want streamlined solutions that just work for our day to day human problems AND we want it from brands that take a stand on the issues we care about. 
🏎 Tesla made the biggest gains with an eyewatering 184% growth. They disrupted a whole category and have done it well. Elon effortlessly delivered a functional, beautiful and zero emission solution to the masses. They have ruthlessly cornered the EV market in a way that makes the competitors look second rate. They live their singular purpose to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy in everything they do.   
The line in the sand has been drawn. Brand leaders ask: where do we stand on this issue, are we making a difference, how can we be part of the solution? The time for sitting back to see what will happen is over. Participation is mandatory to stay in the game.    
Brands who authentically live their values by pitching in and collaboratively contributing to the future are reaping the rewards. Uber and Zara, it’s time to realise that doing good is good for business. 
Keen to know the nitty gritty of how the ranking works? Interbrand values each brand by three factors. Financial performance, a brand’s purchase decision power, and competitive strength. Giving them a dollar sum and ranking from year to year. 
To dive in deeper to read the full report here.

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