Client: Eco Logical Australia

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Working from… a tent?  

How we helped Eco Logical Australia showcase their unique and flexible working model before it was even a thing. Backed up by bats, rocks, and forests, we supported Eco Logical Australia to lure the best talent, by finding a job that rocks.  

Eco Logical Australia (ELA) is a young and highly sought-after environmental consultancy with over 200 staff across the country and growing by the day. What sets them apart from their entire industry? Their unique and diverse working locations, and their people. All we had to do was showcase it.  

  • Challenge: to raise ELA’s national profile and attract the best people in the ‘war for talent’.  
  • Strategy: we started with research to understand what recruits want and capture the organisations DNA. We found that what sets ELA apart is their like-minded people. They camp, they hike, they explore caves, chase flying foxes and make strange bird calls, and they love it. 
  • Solution: with Guts having already developed ELA’s purpose, vision, proposition, and values, the foundation was laid to create a dynamic and engaging social media strategy which we’ve been executing for seven successful years. Throw in a refreshed visual identity, we were setup to define their Employee Value Proposition (EVP): Why work for ELA? Find your people. The Employer Brand visual identity highlighted their passion for the environment and power as ‘approachable experts’.  
  • Result: ELA has doubled in size in the seven years we’ve been working with them and by raising the profile of their incredible people, we’ve also strengthened their client relationships in the real world. The EVP has only just launched, and initial engagement and shares from ELA’s team with the employer brand have already increased, luring the best talent and positioning ELA as an employer of choice from the get go.  

Credit: Graphic Design by Jaime Pritchard

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