Who is the backbone of every thriving community? The doers!

When Lake Mac City Council asked us to promote their vibrant city, we went straight to grassroots. Through its commitment to community, sustainability and its culture of innovation, we found Lake Mac was enabling everyday local people to do extraordinary things.

Enter the Humble Heroes. The amazing Lake Mac locals who are reducing food waste, saving lives, and connecting us to Country.

Many of these active citizens volunteer their own time to follow their passion and make Lake Mac great. We also wanted to shine a spotlight on Council employees who go above and beyond to look after their residents and the natural environment.

To bring our idea to life, a photography and video shoot captured these legends amongst vibrant Lake Mac brand colours and fun props. We developed the communications and launch strategy including the social media campaign and interviewed the heroes, capturing all 15 of their stories for website content. To connect with the community in real life we produced an outdoor exhibition launched by the Mayor of Lake Macquarie Kay Fraser, so all of Lake Mac could see the heroes in their midst.

Results: fresh off the press, the campaign has just launched, receiving glowing reviews from the Mayor of Lake Macquarie and locals both on socials and at the exhibition. We can’t wait for the Lake Mac community to meet their local legends and be inspired and proud of their city.


Signage production: Big Colour

Photography and videography: Good Thanks Media

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