Keolis Downer for PUSH

Bus clowns, living bus stops and driverless buses

How do you change the car culture of a whole city that loves to drive? Go one-on-one.

Guts was lucky enough to be engaged by PUSH on this project, one of Australia’s most highly regarded branding consultancies. Together we helped Keolis Downer motivate Novocastrians to become regular patrons of public transport.

We started with focus groups, capturing insights from locals by using immersive techniques to understand perceptions and expectations. We also tested brand territories and extracted some fresh and unexpected ideas for how to take public transport next level. We then went deeper and asked participants to complete daily tasks and record video diaries showing the reality of their public transport experiences. The result was eye-opening and provided clear direction on how to re-position public transport in the minds of Novocastrians. Locals wanted to maintain freedom and a relaxed lifestyle so to break the stigma and their car habit, their public transport needed to be seamless, fast and fun.

Results: described by our client Keolis Downer as one of the best research presentations they had seen, our research provided an in-depth understanding of the local market and together with PUSH we helped them win the bid to run Newcastle Transport. As locals told us, there’s lots of work to do, but we’re already excited to see these insights translating into a smarter, more efficient service for Novocastrians.

Image credit: Keolis Downer

Client:Keolis Downer