Save your 4

The humble blue bucket

It turns out residents in the greater Newcastle area were loving water a bit too much, using an average of 10% more water than some water wise capital cities. Hunter Water asked us to help as water restrictions commenced for the first time in a decade.

Our ‘word on the street’ research gave us a killer insight – everyone thought they were an average user and not the problem.

We came up with a campaign that asked everyone to ‘Save your 4’, reducing their usage by 40L per day, or… 4 buckets, converting litres into a tangible measurement everyone could relate to. The humble blue bucket became a branding device Hunter Water could own.

They also ran with one of our bold ideas of a giant bucket art installation, which we then had to make a reality! The whole campaign focused on the 4-minute shower, something everyone could change without spending a cent.

Result: since the start of water restrictions, consumption has reduced by almost 20% in two months, a hugely successful result compared with what Hunter Water expected. 

Credits: Creative building by Feather Edge / Video by eluminate