The Water Lovers

Hunter Water Love Water Campaign Guts Creative

Love water, baby… not what you would expect to hear from a state-owned water corporation.

When Hunter Water asked us to help young people improve their water habits, they let us go way beyond the standard approach, but even we didn’t expect to be channelling Barry White.

Our strategy to achieve behavioural change was a positive one, building on Hunter Water’s successful ‘love water’ approach. Cue ‘The Water Lovers’; four animated characters built from actual water usage data of the most common water behaviours. Each one personified water usage stereotypes in a completely quirky way.

To ensure maximum engagement we created GIFs, life-size cut-outs and an animated video. We even wrote a Love Water song that dialled up the romance and got the recording studio all hot and steamy.

Take the Love Water Quiz today to find out if you’re a Wasteful Wade, Busy Bella, Aware Alice or Mindful Marlow, and see how you can easily level up and achieve a shower time that’s tight. Because water is precious… baby.